Tips For Installing A Floating Floor In Your Basement

Are you looking to put luxury vinyl plank flooring in your basement, and are you not quite sure how to install it? It will help to know these tips that will help everything go smoothly.

Level Your Subfloor

One of the advantages of luxury vinyl plank flooring for a basement is that the material is made with a waterproof core made out of vinyl, so it is not going to be damaged by water. Therefore, you may not want to put down a wooden subfloor that will become damaged if you do get water in your basement. It is important that you have a subfloor that is level for the floorboards to rest on. 

Consider using self-leveling concrete to smooth out your basement subfloor. It will smooth out those uneven areas so that your floorboards lay flat and won't move when you step on them. 

Lay Your First Piece Correctly

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is going to float on top of your existing floor, so there is no need to glue or nail it in place. However, there is still a technique to installing the material so that it is done properly. You'll want to lay the first piece down lengthwise across a baseboard, with a quarter- or half-inch gap between the edge of the boards and the wall. You'll be covering this part up with a molding, and you'll never see it.

The floorboards also have a tongue and groove construction where the boards click into each other. Make sure that the tongue side of the first floorboard is facing the wall. This will make it easier to attach the next piece of flooring by putting it in at an angle and tilting it into place. Use a rubber mallet to tap the groove side of the floorboards and lock the pieces into each other. 

Stagger Your Floorboards

Each sequential row of floorboard material should be staggered. It's a good idea to start it either halfway or ⅓ of the way past where the previous row of floorboards starts. This will help prevent all of the seams between the planks from lining up and create a nice look across your entire floor. 

While it may seem easy to install a floating floor, it can become complicated when you need to cut intricate pieces around parts of your room. Reach out to a flooring company like Akins Floor Service if you do not feel confident doing this job on your own. 

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