Is LVP Flooring a Good Fit For Your Home?

When some homeowners think of vinyl flooring, they automatically envision tacky supplies that tend to cheapen the aesthetic of a room but this a gross misassumption. Granted, vinyl got a bad rap in years past and this can be attributed to the fact that this flooring was not initially manufactured with aesthetic value in mind. However, times have changed and over the years, vinyl is experiencing a rebirth in the form of Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring.

Unlike the supplies of decades past, LVP flooring is a stunning alternative to most other florin solutions due to the array of advantages that this material offers. If you have been contemplating re-flooring your home and are wondering which direction to go in, consider the following reasons why LVP flooring could prove to be an excellent choice for your residence. 

1. Versatility

LVP flooring comprises artificial supplies such as pigments, polyvinyl chloride, binders, and more that function to provide this material with unique properties that make it a great option for many households. What sets this type of flooring apart from its predecessor is the decorative motif that is attached to the surface of the planks.

This decorative surface is not only available in an array of colors and patterns but it also simulates the same design of expensive flooring solutions such as marble, hardwood, and so on! Therefore, if you have a specific vision for your flooring so that it can complement other accents in your home, LVP flooring will be an ideal investment as it offers you versatility.

2. Imperviousness

Although high-priced flooring solutions such as marble, hardwood, and others are undeniably alluring, most of them pose one major drawback and that is porosity. Hardwood floors, for example, cannot withstand exposure to moisture since this will not only lead to swelling but can also cause wood rot. Natural stone flooring, on the other hand, will be susceptible to discoloration when exposed to water. This drawback makes it default to establish uniformity in your home since these flooring supplies will be incapable of withstanding the conditions in various rooms.

These are not issues that you will have to deal with when you choose Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring for your residence. LVP flooring is outfitted with an impermeable backing that prevents moisture from permeating through the material. Thus, you can install this flooring anywhere in your house from the kitchen to the bathrooms too. Moreover, this flooring will not pose the risk of mold spores in your home, as it does not absorb any moisture.

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