Need Flooring in Your Home? Why Use Luxury Vinyl Plank Material

Are you looking to remodel your home and add new flooring to it? If you always loved the look of hardwood, you may want to consider luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring material. It can be a great fit for your home due to the following reasons.

LVP Is Waterproof

The main advantage you are going to find about LVP material is that it is waterproof. This makes it ideal for several rooms in your home where you normally couldn't put real hardwood flooring material, for example, a basement where you may have water seep through the floor, a bathroom where people walk on the floor with wet feet, or a kitchen where water can spill on the floor on accident. Know that if you install LVP material in these rooms, you'll have peace of mind that water will not damage the floors.

LVP Is Durable

You may not realize that the top layer of LVP flooring material is incredibly durable. This makes LVP a fine choice for rooms in the home that see more wear and tear than others. This could include the entranceway to your home, the area near your back door, or a mudroom where people tend to make messes in the wintertime. If you have pets in your home, durability should be very important to you, since you won't have to deal with scratches like you would with other flooring materials. 

LVP Is Easy To Install

Were you going to install the flooring on your own? LVP is a floating floor material, which makes it forgiving if you have a floor that is not as smooth or level. While it is ideal to level out the floor beforehand, it won't be as crucial unlike if you were installing tile. The LVP boards also use a tongue and groove system, so they will snap into each other and connect with a little bit of pressure.

LVP Is A Sound Barrier

The foam backing of the LVP flooring material should also act as a sound barrier. If you are installing the flooring material on the first or second floor, it should help muffle the sounds that you would normally hear between floors when you use natural hardwood. 

LVP Is Warmer On Your Feet

When you compare LVP with tile materials, you'll notice that LVP will feel warmer on your feet. This can be ideal in places like a basement, which is already naturally colder than other rooms of your home and would really make tile floors feel uncomfortable. You should not feel like your feet are freezing by walking on LVP without socks in the winter.

For more information about LVP flooring, or other flooring options, contact a business near you to learn more.

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