Choosing The Best Tile Floors And Features For Major Kitchen Renovations

One of the most popular and versatile options to finish kitchens is tilework. Tile installations offer a lot of advantages and options that other materials don't. Therefore, you might be looking into using tiles for the remodeling project you are planning for your kitchen. The following tilework ideas are some of the best options to consider for your kitchen renovation project:

Consider Adding Tile to the Kitchen Beyond the Floors

First, you might want to consider using these materials beyond the floors if you are looking for tile to add to a kitchen remodeling project. One great option is to use tiles for an attractive backsplash at the end of countertops. You can ask your tile installer about adding baseboard tiles and facing the cabinet kickplates with tilework on the floors. This will enhance the appearance of your kitchen and protect these areas from damage due to moisture and other common causes in kitchens.

Options for Luxury Designs With Glazed Tile Materials

There are also options to use tiles to add a luxury design to your kitchen. You might also want to consider glazed tile materials, which can give your kitchen a shiny finish for the floors and other areas where tiles are installed. Therefore several different options for the glazed tile materials, which include colors and styles. They can be solid colors, or they can have decorative textures and designs in the finish.

Blend Natural Colors Into Your Kitchen With Stone Tiles

You might also be looking at different ways to incorporate natural materials into the design of your kitchen. One option to do this is to use stone tile materials, which come in a variety of styles and natural color tones. These options include travertine materials (a limestone tile product) or slate tile materials for an attractive and durable finish. There are also premium stone tile materials made from granite, marble, and other durable stone.

Make a Statement With Grout Colors or Butted Joints

The grout of your tilework is another important decision when it comes to adding tiles to your new kitchen design. If you want to have a unique look in your kitchen, there are options to make a bold statement with grout that contrasts the color of tiles. There are also options for butted joints, which use a thinner mortar to hold the tile, but the grout is not visible.

Tile features in kitchen remodeling designs are some of the most versatile and cost-effective solutions that last. Contact a tile installer to discuss these options for the new design with tile features in your kitchen.

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