Hardwood Flooring Myths

Hardwood can be an attractive and durable type of flooring to choose for your home. Despite being a popular type of flooring, there is a considerable amount of misinformation about this particular type of flooring. This can lead to a person having a more difficult time with assessing whether this type of flooring will be a good option for their home as well as what is needed to maintain it.

Myth: Hardwood Flooring Will Be Extremely Difficult To Maintain

There is an assumption that the hardwood used in this type of flooring will require difficult or otherwise specialized types of maintenance. In reality, this is a flooring option that can be remarkably easy to clean. Generally, you will only need to dust mop these flooring regularly, and occasionally apply a wood flooring cleaning solution to help keep the floors looking their best.

Myth: There Is Nothing That Can Be Done To Prevent The Wood From Bleaching Due To Sunlight

One reason that a person may not choose hardwood flooring for their home may be due to the risk of the flooring bleaching as a result of exposure to the sunlight. This bleaching can occur due to the sun's ultraviolet light breaking down the pigments in the hardwood flooring. Generally, this process will take many years before it starts to become noticeable for the flooring. However, you can eliminate this risk by choosing to apply a film to the windows that block ultraviolet light from being able to enter. These films can be extremely durable, and it will not alter the view from the window. In addition to protecting the flooring from this type of damage, these films will have the added benefit of also reducing the risk of you developing skin damage from the light entering through the windows.

Myth: A Hardwood Flooring Contractor Can Only Handle The Installation Of This Type Of Flooring

Floor contractors will be able to install hardwood in a home fairly quickly. However, individuals should avoid assuming this is the only service that they will offer. For example, a hardwood floor contractor can also help individuals with refinishing their floors. This process involves the removal of the top layer of the flooring. Refinishing the floors can be used to eliminate scuff marks, stains, and other surface damages that the wood flooring may experience. While this is a major type of restoration work to have done to your floors, it can provide them with a revitalized look while avoiding the need for a full floor replacement.

For more information about hardwood flooring installation, contact a local contractor.

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