Reasons To Install A Quartz Kitchen Countertop

When shopping for kitchen countertops, you may not know which option to choose. The common material for the countertop is granite, a natural stone that enhances your home's look. While granite is a good choice, consider quartz. Here are the reasons for installing a quartz kitchen countertop.


Kitchen countertop materials such as granite require miners to mine them from the ground. With time, the natural stone may deplete. Also, mining methods that blast the ground may weaken the land and increase the risk of collapse and destruction of natural resources.

Further, processing the natural stone requires a lot of energy, and most of this energy comes from burning fossil fuels. As the fuels burn, they release carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that can cause ozone depletion.

Fortunately, quartz is environmentally friendly since manufacturers can use recyclable materials during its manufacture. Recycling preserves natural resources and also reduces a manufacturer's carbon footprint.


A quartz kitchen countertop promotes good health in your home. Remember that the kitchen requires high levels of hygiene, as this is where you prepare food. Unhygienic conditions can lead to stomach infections. For instance, a porous countertop can promote bacterial growth. Hence, preparing food on such surfaces can potentially cause stomach infections. Quartz countertops resist bacteria and are easy to clean, thus maintaining adequate levels of hygiene for food preparation.

Uniformity and Color Variety

Ideally, quartz is an engineered stone whose bigger portion comprises natural quartz, while the remaining part contains polymer resins. This enables manufacturers to create a variety of colors. Hence, you can easily find several matching quartz slabs you can choose to achieve color uniformity. Also, you can select specific color slabs that match your home's color theme.

Low Maintenance

Quartz doesn't collect water or stain easily. Therefore, quartz doesn't require frequent resealing like granite. That's because you can easily wipe spills from your quartz kitchen countertop with a mild cleaning agent to promote longevity and avoid staining. Also, a quartz countertop won't rot quickly, and frequent repairs aren't necessary. This helps you save money for repairs and possible replacement.

Heat and Scratch Resistance

Quartz is hardy and doesn't scratch easily. Also, a quartz kitchen countertop is heat-resistant. Therefore, the surface will remain smooth and attractive even when exposed to heat and impact. That makes quartz countertops more affordable in the long term.

Quartz kitchen countertops are environmentally friendly, bacteria-resistant, and low maintenance. Also, quartz allows you to achieve color uniformity in your kitchen. Consider installing a quartz kitchen countertop for these reasons.

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