Three Reasons You Should Keep Your Hardwood Floors

Renovating your home is a great way to freshen things up and add value. Whether you're fixing it up to sell or enjoy, it can be tough to make decisions. Trends will come and go and you need to be sure to stick to a budget. If your home has hardwood floors, you might be tempted to rip them out and replace them with something new. Things like "waterproof" vinyl planks sound appealing, but there is more that should go into the equation. Here are three reasons you should keep your hardwood floors:


Hardwood floors can last hundreds of years when they are treated right. Even when they aren't, hardwood can often be refurbished with sanding and new stain. Many homeowners like the cost and look of luxury vinyl planks or linoleum, but these products cant be refinished and won't ever have the character real hardwood does. Hardwood flooring is one of the most expensive floors to purchase and install. If you already have this feature in your home, why would you want to rip it out?

Refinishing Potential

If your hardwood floor needs a facelift, a good sanding can help bring it back to life. Your color options are endless with different stains and sheen to choose from during the refinishing process. After sanding and patching any imperfections, choose a stain that helps bring out the grain and looks good in the home. Find a good hardwood flooring restoration specialist who can help you choose the right treatment for your floors. This can save you a lot of money in materials and installation since you are not starting from scratch.


Did you know that having hardwood flooring in the listing of a home for sale can boost the home's value by thousands of dollars? Statistics show that this flooring decision alone can alter a listing price from 3-5%. Hardwood floors can be a highly sought after feature in a home due to its charm, history, and quality. Ripping out hardwood flooring to replace it with alternative materials can hurt your pocketbook and your bottom line.

Before you make a big decision to rip out your existing hardwood floors, consult with a professional. Find a local hardwood restoration specialist who can help you see the value the floors add to your home. Saving a historical part of your home and caring for quality materials can help you love your home's character and protect its value.

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