Ideal Flooring Choices For A Dog's Room

If your home is large enough, it's ideal to devote one room to your pet dog — particularly if it's a large breed. Even though the dog will spend a lot of its time in common areas of your home such as the living room and kitchen, it may appreciate having a quiet place to go when it needs to rest. Having a dedicated room for the animal also gives you a suitable space in which to confine the pet when you're out of the home for a prolonged period. If you're planning to convert one of the small rooms in your home into a dog-friendly room, here are three flooring choices that will be suitable.


Vinyl flooring has a lot of advantages that make it a good choice for a dog's room. It stands up well to liquids, which means that if your dog has an accident or knocks over its water dish while you're out of the home, you won't have to worry about the spill causing permanent damage to the floor. Many vinyl flooring products are thick and highly durable, too, which means that most dogs will be unlikely to damage it through scratching and other behaviors. Vinyl is an affordable flooring option, which can be ideal if you've set a tight budget for this room project.


If you want to go in a completely different direction, you might wish to think about a concrete floor. This type of flooring has a rugged and somewhat industrial look, which may suit the look you're trying to create with the dog's room. The biggest benefit of a concrete floor is its durability. Liquids, scratches, and prolonged regular use won't cause damage to the floor. You'll want to seal the floor, however, because concrete is naturally porous. A clear concrete sealer product will prevent liquids from seeping in.

Stone Tile

Tile flooring can be a good option for numerous areas of your home, but you'll need to be selective about the type of tile you choose for a dog's room. You generally don't want something that is highly polished, such as marble, as this surface can be slippery for a dog. Instead, choose a tile product such as stone tile. Natural stone tile generally has more of a textured surface, which offers more traction. To learn more about these and other flooring types that can work well in a dog's room, visit a local flooring supplier.

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