What To Know Before Installing Marble Floor Tiles

If you are looking for new flooring, marble may catch your eye. Marble floors are versatile and known for their beauty. When you install marble tiles, you have a range of colors, patterns, and sheens to choose from. Marble floor tiles also work well in many areas throughout the home but are particularly popular in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. If you think marble tiles are the best flooring option for your needs, here's what to know. 

What Options Are Available

If you are looking for elegance, look no further than marble. Marble is known for elevating a space's appearance, but this material offers a surprising amount of versatility. First, marble comes in an array of shades, ranging from white to deep golds and reds. Second, marble patterns and veining give you many options when selecting marble floor tiles. Another thing to know is that marble can be easily polished or honed to create different levels of warmth and smoothness. Finally, marble floor tiles can be cut into various sizes and shapes.

How Much They Will Cost

The factors that impact how much your marble tile flooring will cost include the type of marble tiles you select and the installation labor. Marble floor tiles usually cost $10 to $20 per square foot, but some varieties can cost upwards of $40 per square foot. Installation labor will add $3 to $7 per square foot to your bottom line. The more complicated the layout of the marble floor tiles, the more the installation will cost. Before committing to marble floor tiles, consider whether they fit your budget.

What It Takes To Keep Them Looking Great

Another thing to know before installing marble floor tiles is how much work it will take to keep them looking great. Marble floors require daily attention, but the maintenance is well worth it for many. Sweeping your marble tiles daily will keep them in great shape. You will also want to wipe up spills quickly to prevent staining. Since marble tiles are porous, sealing them can help prevent staining and other signs of wear and tear.

Before installing marble floor tiles, there are a few things to know. First, knowing what options are available for marble tiles is vital. Second, marble floor tiles can be pricey, so make sure they fit your budget. Finally, knowing how to take care of marble tiles and whether you are up to keeping them clean is crucial.

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