Want Wood Flooring? 2 Types To Choose From And Wood Species

Wood flooring is beautiful in almost any room. If you are considering installing new wood flooring, you will find there are different types available. Below are two of these types, as well as information about what wood species are available.  

Types of Wood Flooring

Two types of wood flooring you can choose include:

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring may be the most expensive, but it is durable and will last a long time. You can find this wood already finished or unfinished. If you choose unfinished, you can create the color you want for your flooring with wood stains. 

When it comes to hardwood flooring you can choose from different thicknesses. Generally, the thicker the floor is, the more durable it is. If you do not currently have wood flooring in your home, solid hardwood can be installed over a subfloor. It is important that you hire a professional to install solid hardwood flooring because if not installed correctly, the floor may buckle and create gaps. 

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

If you want to save money, engineered hardwood flooring is not as expensive as solid hardwood. This type of wood flooring is constructed with thin layers of wood that are heated or glued together. 

More expensive wood is used for the top layer because this is what is seen. The other layers are made with wood that is less expensive, reducing the cost of this type of flooring. This flooring can be installed over a concrete floor, as well as a wood subfloor. If the top layer is thick, you can sand the floor and refinish it as needed. For example, the floor may be scratched in areas, or the finish may not be as shiny. 

Wood Species

Once you choose your wood flooring, you must choose the species of wood that you want to use. For hardwood floors, cherry, maple, or oak are often used. You can find these wood species available just about anywhere and they are the most durable. Other available types that may be less expensive but not as durable, include mahogany, walnut, or ash. 

If you are eco-friendly, there is reclaimed wood that you can find. Contact a wood floor installer and they can tell you where to find this type of wood. This wood flooring looks older, but this may be the look you want in your home. Reclaimed wood flooring is the least expensive type available. 

Talk with a wood flooring company to learn much more about the different types available. 

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