Floor Refinishing Steps

Refinishing a hardwood floor can make your home's interior feel new. Dull stains, scuff marks, scratches, and holes will be addressed during the refinishing process. Research costs and prep your home for the refinishing process. 

Refinishing Costs And Variables

A hardwood flooring contractor will provide a cost estimate for the square footage that they will be refinishing. This estimate will include the repair and staining processes that will be conducted. You will need to select the finishing products that will be needed, prior to receiving a final cost for the materials. Some homeowners prefer deep, dark stains and some prefer clear coats that will simply add a protective cover over a floor.

Refinishing is a project that may take several days. If your home is two or more stories, the contractor may advise their flooring team to work on the refinishing stages on the upper floors first. This will aid with effectively removing dust as the process is underway. Dust will be contained upstairs, prior to the team beginning the refinishing stages on the bottom floor of your home. The same flooring steps and products will be used in each room that is being refinished. This will ensure that the wooden flooring is cohesive throughout your home.

Prep Steps And The Refinishing Process

All of the furnishings and other possessions that are in a room that is going to have its floors restored will need to be moved. Moving furnishings should be conducted well in advance. Your flooring team will need to place a drum or belt sander, an edger, stain and varnish products, and other essentials within the rooms where the refinishing will take place. The team may bring some dust containment products and a vacuum with them. Sanding is one of the main parts of a refinishing project.

Sanding removes dull stains. It also removes the very top layers of the wooden planks. As a result of the sanding, minor imperfections that were on the floor's surface will be removed. A wood putty product may be used to fill nail holes and minor damage that is visible on a floor. A flooring team will prepare stain, varnish, and apply other flooring materials at the end of a refinishing project. Each coat will need ample time to dry. A flooring team may need several days to apply all of the finishing materials that you have selected for the floors.

Contact a local floor refinishing service to learn more. 

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