Consider One Of These Warm Carpet Colors

When you think of carpet, there's a good chance that you picture an off-white or gray color. While these hues are extremely popular and offer lots of benefits in virtually any room in your home, they're far from being your only option. If you need to buy carpet for one of your rooms, it's worthwhile to spend time browsing the many colors that are available at your local flooring store. Some homeowners favor carpets in warm colors, as this look can help to create a cozy vibe — something that can especially be appealing in your living room or one or more of your bedrooms. Here are some warm carpet colors to consider.


Don't be afraid of choosing a dark color of carpet for your home, especially if you go with a warm color. One option is maroon, which you'll often find in several different shades. A maroon carpet tends to not only offer a warm feel but can also have a formal look. While there are pros and cons to having carpet in your dining room, you might like this high-end carpet color if you favor this type of flooring in this part of your home. Warm colors are thought to stimulate peoples' appetites, making maroon a good carpet choice in the dining room.


Yellow carpet is another type of warm look that can work well in your home. You'll find yellow carpet in many different shades; while you probably won't want a primary yellow, you might favor a dark yellow. Some yellow carpet products include flecks of white, which offers the warm look of yellow and can also tie in well with white walls. You'll also see yellow carpet with brown flecks, which may be a look that appeals to you if you have brown leather furniture in the room.

Burnt Orange

Another option to think about if you want a warm color of carpet in your home is burnt orange. While this color is synonymous with the cozy feel of the fall months, it can offer a stylish and warm vibe in one of your rooms throughout the year. You might like this color of carpet in one of your bedrooms. If you have white furniture, the addition of burnt orange carpet will instantly help to give the room a warm feel while also pairing well with the furniture color. Visit a flooring store to check out these and other warm carpet colors.

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