Seven Things You Shouldn't Assume About Vinyl Flooring

When you're looking for the right flooring material for a room in your home, you should consider vinyl as a possibility. Don't make inaccurate assumptions that will discourage you from exploring the benefits of this popular flooring material.

The following are seven things you shouldn't assume about vinyl flooring. 

Vinyl flooring is not very durable.

Homeowners sometimes decide against vinyl flooring because they think that this flooring material is not particularly durable and will be easily damaged. Yet vinyl flooring is actually highly durable when it is installed correctly. 

Vinyl flooring will look cheap.

Vinyl flooring can make an interior look both sophisticated and luxurious. It's a mistake to overlook the benefits of vinyl flooring because you think it always looks cheap.

Vinyl flooring is the same thing as laminate flooring.

The appearance of vinyl flooring can be similar to the appearance of laminate flooring. However, that doesn't mean that vinyl and laminate flooring are the same.

Laminate flooring has a fiberboard wood core and is not made from vinyl. One great advantage vinyl offers over laminate flooring is that vinyl is generally more resistant to water damage. 

It takes a long time to install vinyl flooring.

There is a common misconception out there that vinyl flooring is particularly complicated to install. The truth is that vinyl flooring is no more complicated or time-consuming to install than many other types of flooring such as laminate or hardwood flooring. 

Vinyl flooring is unhealthy.

Some people think that vinyl flooring is not a healthy addition to a home because it contains toxic substances. However, this is not true.

Nowadays, the manufacture of vinyl flooring is heavily regulated so that vinyl flooring cannot contain harmful amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or lead. This makes vinyl flooring a safe and convenient flooring option. 

There is not much aesthetic variety in vinyl flooring.

Homeowners are routinely surprised when they explore vinyl flooring options. Vinyl flooring can come in just about any color. There is also a wide variety of vinyl flooring designs and patterns from among which homeowners can choose.

The many vinyl flooring options out there make it easy to find vinyl flooring that fits in perfectly with the décor scheme that already exists in your home. 

Vinyl flooring is only appropriate for small rooms.

Some people associate vinyl flooring with relatively small rooms like bathrooms. However, vinyl flooring can be used in rooms of any size. Vinyl flooring can function just as well in large dining rooms and living rooms as it functions in bathrooms.  

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