Use A Light Color Of Hardwood Flooring In These Rooms

If you've seen some light-colored hardwood flooring samples at your local flooring store, you might be drawn to one of them and be eager to use it in your home. There are many different shades of light-colored hardwood, including woods that have visible grain and woods that offer a cleaner look. Light-colored hardwood can be suitable throughout most of your residence, but there are some areas for which it's particularly a good idea. Here are three rooms in which it can be advantageous to choose a light color of hardwood.


Your sunroom is likely the brightest spot in your home, and it's nice to choose flooring that helps it to stay that way. Light-colored hardwood will help this space to feel bright, which is particularly valuable if the sunroom is on the smaller side. Conversely, a dark color of flooring may create a smaller feel. Light hardwood is also good in this part of your home because it's not nearly as susceptible to fading in the sun as darker hues. Given how much sun this space gets each day, you want to choose a hardwood product that won't noticeably fade over the years.

Walk-In Closet

A lot of people put effort into making their walk-in closet feel as bright as possible. This is especially important because most walk-in closets don't have windows that allow natural light into the space. While good overhead lighting is obviously the best way to ensure that your walk-in closet feels bright, you might be surprised at how much light-colored hardwood flooring can be an asset. If you have carpet in your primary bedroom, you'll want to choose a color of hardwood that complements it.

Living Room

Although some people use dark hardwood in their living room and find that it works well for them, you can't argue against using a lighter hue in this space. This is a room that you generally want to feel as spacious as possible, and a light color of hardwood can help in this regard. If your living room is on the smaller side, light hardwood can give it more of an open look. You may find that a living room with light hardwood and dark furniture looks a lot more spacious than a living room with dark hardwood and dark furniture. Find the right shade of light-colored hardwood for these and other areas of your home at a local flooring store.

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