Learn Some Truths About Metal Roofing

Many people are enjoying the benefits of having a metal roof that they know is going to last them for decades and even a lifetime depending on when it was originally installed. Then, others let the misconceptions scare them off of metal roofing. If you have been thinking about it and you have some questions, read on to learn more about metal roofing below.

1. Metal roofs are modified to be quiet

Many decades ago, metal roofs were installed directly over rafters using exposed fasteners. This made the roofs very loud in the rain, in the hail, and even when animals such as raccoons would run across them. However, this is much different than how they are installed these days. Now, they are installed using panels that overlap each other. Between each panel, there is an air pocket that provides an extra layer of insulation. Also, proper fasteners and underlayment is used. These things make metal roofs of today nice and quiet. 

2. Metal roofs look nice on a home

Some people think of those old metal roofs that don't have much of a look to them when they hear the words, "metal roof." However, these people have likely seen many more metal roofs than they realize and just don't know that what they are seeing is in fact metal. That's because metal roofs can mimic the look of so many other types of roofs. They can come in many different styles, textures, and colors. They can mimic tile, shingle, shake, slate, and a lot of other types of roofs. This means someone can get the look they want and the advantages of metal. 

3. Metal roofs will not rust and corrode as easily as some think 

Some people assume metal roofs will end up rusting and corroding. They may go with another type of roof, not realizing metal roofs are some of the longest-lasting options available. While most metals rust, there are ways of minimizing the risks; you can ask roofing contractors about how this applies to roofing materials. Generally, they'll add a zinc coating to protect the metal. Plus, there are some types of metals that are used for roofs that are naturally resistant to rust, such as copper, stainless steel, or aluminum. While a copper roof can come with a bigger price tag, having a copper roof can also increase the home's value.

If you have more questions, contact metal roofing contractors. 

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