3 Things To Know When Refinishing Wood Floors

If your home's wood flooring is showing its age or has scratches and stains, you have two options. The first option is replacing your wood flooring, while the second is refinishing your wood floors. Wood floor refinishing is an excellent option if you want to keep your home's existing floors while improving their appearance. Refinishing wood floors is also a fantastic option for updating your home's flooring. Here's what to know about wood floor refinishing. 

When To Refinish

The first thing you need to know about refinishing wood floors is whether it's a suitable option. Before you start the refinishing process, you'll want to do a deep cleaning to get a good view of your flooring's condition. If your wood floors have deep scratches, stains, or just aren't up to your standards, it's a good time to look into refinishing. However, severely damaged wood floors and ones that have been refinished numerous times may not be able to handle a round of wood floor refinishing. Before committing to refinishing, get an expert to look at your flooring. A wood floor refinisher can tell you whether refinishing is suitable for your wood floors.

How Long It Takes

Before you jump in and start refinishing your wood floors, knowing how long it can take is essential. Wood floor refinishing is labor-intensive and can take longer than you may expect if you tackle the work yourself. Hiring a professional to do the wood floor refinishing will save time. You will also need to stay off your floors while the refinishing is happening and the new finish is drying. From start to finish, it usually takes three to seven days to refinish wood flooring.

What It Will Cost

Another thing to know about wood floor refinishing is how much it will affect your wallet. The area you want to refinish, the materials needed, and the labor required to refinish your floors will impact your bottom line. While you can save by refinishing on your own, buying or renting the equipment for wood floor refinishing can be pricier than you may anticipate. If you decide to hire a wood floor refinishing professional, you will likely pay $3 to $4 per square foot for their services. 

If you are looking at refinishing your wood floors, here's what to know. First, knowing when to refinish your wood floors is crucial, and you may want professional advice on your floors before the process starts. Second, wood floor refinishing can take a few days, and you'll need to stay off your floors while the work is ongoing. Finally, how much you pay for wood floor refinishing will vary, but you can expect to spend a few dollars per square foot. For more information on wood floor refinishing, contact a professional near you.

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